Cultural building projects are one of the most challenging tasks a museum can take on, but when managed effectively, they represent economic, cultural, and social potential that reverberates far beyond the boundaries of the place itself.

We support clients in making meaningful and inspiring public architectural and cultural spaces that work operationally, take advantage of the newest technology, and maximize every dollar invested. We have overseen more than $400 million in construction and assisted on additional projects totaling more than a billion dollars, from managing and coordinating big-picture thinking with multiple stakeholders to keeping contractors honest about the details and bills. 

We have a proven track record for delivering world-class projects along with a collaborative approach to solving complicated problems quickly and strategically, using our hands-on knowledge of construction and technical issues, extensive understanding of museum operations, experience with community engagement, and proven dedication to public work and design excellence.

What differentiates our construction services is our experience in running world-class museums… including some that we helped build. That is a very rare combination. There are lots of architects that have built a few museums and some architects, engineering firms, and consultants that have worked on many. But how many have been the director or COO of a successful museum or run the technology or facilities department? We understand your needs, constraints, challenges, and dreams. We know how hard it is to raise money and bring along a nervous board, community, and staff. At the same time, we have also been through the construction process many times with many different teams. We have had to operate buildings where form trumped function. At the same time, we believe in beautiful, inspiring architecture, the visionaries who dream it up, and the directors and boards who raise the money to make it a reality. We believe that great designer can create designs with great function in ways that are affordable. This experience, our ability to see the purpose and value of your work and our concurrent embrace of design and accountability for function, makes our team a unique and valuable partner. We endeavor to save you money in smart, selective ways throughout the process because we know that you will need every dollar for both unexpected challenges and opportunities later. We don’t let lazy consultants design things you don’t need; we make sure architects have added the detail needed to build what is required, that they have made the effort to find the best design that is also functional and affordable, and we don’t allow contractors to bill you for something they didn’t do or did poorly. These things are the root of most cost overruns… by paying close attention to them all the time we earn our fee many times over.

Our services include:

  • Conducting Feasibility Studies and business plans
  • Budget review and development
  • Provide Owners representative services
  • Conduct Architectural Competitions
  • Conduct RFQ and RFP, interview and evaluate, negotiate and hire:
    • Designers
    • Executive architects
    • Legal
    • Owners Rep
    • Other consultants as needed
    • Construction Manager
    • General Contractors
  • Reviewing Drawings
  • Assist with post-bid value engineering
  • Architectural program with a specific focus on the unique museum requirements for the following:
    • Technology
    • Museum Lighting
    • HVAC and environmental controls
    • Sprinklers
    • Security
    • Object Handling
    • Collection Storage
    • Loading Docks
    • Visitor Services
    • Education
    • Media Production
    • AV and Theater
  • Telecommunication design services
  • Exhibition Project Management and Design Services