Construction Cost Confidential

Owner Confidential
MuseumOps Team Member
Richard Cherry
Architect BOA Architecture
Total Area 12,000 Sq Ft

    Culture Shifts Consciousness

    – COMPOUND Founder

Compound is an extraordinary cultural sanctuary and multidisciplinary creative hub which is being created in a Long Beach neighborhood by a local philanthropist. Serving a diverse community, the center will host modern and contemporary art; immersive experiential art; community programming with an art, health and wellness, and social justice focus; and serve local needs with healthy fresh food and drinks and a meditative garden.
Rich has assisted the project in a variety of ways including creating a sustainable business model, developing proforma budgets, advising on construction, running a successful search for a founding Director and Program Director, initial setup of technology infrastructure, implementing CRM and Ticketing, as well as identifying additional consultants for curation, website, messaging, marketing, and communications.