There are lots of search firms in the museum space… so what makes us different? 

Most executive and search firm recruiters are just that: recruiters.  But at a big cultural organization, when you hire IT Staff, your IT leadership does the search. Marketing staff, same thing, etc. 

We work like cultural organizations do:

With Museums Operations, small and medium museums get the same resources for search.  Don’t worry, we also help big organizations hire people just like us.  You get a recruiter who has been the CIO / COO at world-class cultural institutions.  You get a marketing search done by a marketer, an executive search by an experienced executive.  We have started and lead our own non-profits as Executive Director, COO, and CTO, overseen successful marketing efforts (both large and small) and supervised and worked hand in hand with some of the most successful practitioners across every department you need help with.  In some cases, we can even fill the position ourselves, on a temporary basis, while we do the search!

We have a unique list of people that are more than prospects:

The act of having done the work, gives us unique insight.  It also gives us a unique contact list… our list is not just prospects; they are also our peers. 

The fact that we also own and operate the world’s largest online cultural heritage innovation community doesn’t hurt either.  Via MuseWeb, we support an online community of more than 140K cultural practitioners from 60+countries across web, social media and via annual in person conferences and meetings around the world.  On the community website we host free cultural job listings and news posts.  We also send a monthly newsletter.  MuseWeb is where innovators look for jobs and influencers post their news.  Those innovators and influencers are on our list as well. 

As part of the annual conference, we also edit and publish around 60 peer reviewed papers every year with hundreds of authors.  In our opinion they are the smartest most dedicated cultural practitioners in the world.  As a bonus we know if they meet their deadlines and how collegial they are.  These authors are on our list too.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and access isn’t something new for us:

The Museum Operations leadership team is diverse, and we believe diversity is necessary and transformative for all organizations.  We have initiated programs that have made our organizations and the larger cultural heritage field more diverse.  Through our conference we have also worked hard to live up to our goals and our communities’ standards, from diverse and inclusive committees helping us find the best speakers to providing workshops and lectures focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and access. We have also created disabled veteran training programs to both support organizations in the cultural heritage fields and helped veterans succeed in re-integration by building skills and introducing new places to work.  We use our military experience to help clients find veterans with unique crossover talents that they can use.